The federal government has no love for California’s weed dispensaries. Well, not in public at least.

Federal prosecutors have demanded that some of Cali’s medicinal marijuana dens shut down in the next 45 days, or they risk facing criminal charges and confiscation of their property, regardless of whether or not the stores are operating under California’s 15-year-old medicinal marijuana law.

This week, at least 16 shops or their landlords were told via letter that they were in violation of federal drug laws, despite the fact that medicinal marijuana is legal in the state. Today, California’s four U.S. attorneys are slated to announce the details of this mission to rid the state of weed. This is all part of a continuous (and futile) battle between the U.S. government and the medical marijuana industry.

The Associated Press got their hands on letters sent to at least 12 shops in San Diego, which highlighted that federal law supersedes that law, regardless of whether or not dispensaries are operating legally. How does this bode for the medical marijuana industry? Well, the government can tell people to get down or law down all they want, but weed will be smoked regardless.

[via MSNBC]