3. "Bart Simpson’s Dracula" (Treehouse Of Horror IV, 1993)

Like most successful Treehouse Of Horror segments, "Bart Simpson's Dracula" takes its inspiration from a mega-popular blockbuster film (in this case, it's Bram Stoker's Dracula). However, the show doesn't just shoehorn this parody into the episode; instead, it serves as a mere backdrop against a tapestry of classic Simpsons humor. There are little touches along the way that make this story truly echo the film, such as the production design and the costumes, but they never take away from the overall story.

Besides the very random Peanuts parody at the end of the episode, "Bart Simpson's Dracula" is a near-perfect Treehouse Of Horror segment that often gets overlooked by fans of the show. It's a sharply written tale that isn't afraid to throw a few gross-out jokes in for good measure, especially when Homer gulps down a big glass of blood just because it's free. Plus, any time we can see Homer plunge a stake into Mr. Burns' crotch we're usually pretty happy.