9. "The Monkey’s Paw" (Treehouse Of Horror II, 1991)

Again, the Simpsons writers have taken-on a classic tale and added their own unique twist to it; this time it’s the classic W.W. Jacobs story, The Monkey’s Paw. The segment deals with Homer coming into possession of the enchanted paw, which grants the user any wish he wants, but at a terrible price. The family soon learns this the hard way when they accidentally turn the whole planet against them. Of course, Homer doesn't believe in the curse until the turkey sandwich he wishes for turns out to be dry.

This Treehouse Of Horror installment not only parodies a timeless story, but the writers also manage to poke a little fun at the show's own success in the process. This segment has since become the template for most of the Treehouse Of Horror stories that followed.

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