11. "Homer³" (Treehouse Of Horror VI, 1995)

In what can be seen as a precursor to all of the CGI animated films that grace theaters now, Homer3 blends traditional 2D and advanced 3D animation in the most experimental Simpsons episode ever. After Homer gets stuck in a mysterious portal while trying to hide from his sisters-in-law, he's transported into a 3D dimension that's unlike anything Springfield could ever hope to be. What follows is a somewhat serene, almost beautiful, few minutes of Homer interacting with this mysterious world.

The CGI animation was stunning for the time it was produced. It may not be in line with the scary Halloween theme of the other Treehouse episodes, but this segment is incredibly rich in detail and full of fantastic imagery. And while bringing Homer into the 3D realm was unique enough, the story ended with him being dropped into a dumpster next to an erotic cake shop in our real world, which is just hilarious in and of itself.