Yesterday we reported that Hasbro is on the verge of announcing Transformers 4 next quarter; well now it seems like those plans have been altered somewhat in a way that should make fans of the franchise extremely pleased. Not only is a fourth installment of the series on its way, but Collider is reporting that Paramount might also film a fifth movie at the same time. 

This type of rolling shoot is financially easier for studios because there won't be room for tense contract negotiations between movies, and it also means that sets and special effects can be re-used in order to cut costs. This is a strategy that has worked to make the Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings movies must more cost effective than they would have been if filmed one at a time. 

With Dark of the Moon being the last Transformers movie for Shia LaBeouf, there is currently no big name Hollywood star attached to the next one; however, Collider is also reporting that the studio is apparently eyeing Jason Statham to take over the lead human role. No formal announcement has been made yet, but let's just hope he treats the Transformers cars better than he treated the cars in Crank. If he did this inside of Bumblebee, we're pretty sure it would be considered a threesome. 
[via Collider