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Google TV, which launched last year with the ambitious goal of bringing the whole Internet to your television, did some pretty cool things but hasn't exactly been a hit with consumers. Both Logitech and Sony eventually slashed prices on their set-top boxes due to underwhelming sales. But Google hasn't given up on its adventures in the living room, and today announced a major overhaul of the service.

The new Google TV gets a refreshed and simplified interface, access to downloadable apps via the Android Market, and the ability to stream music from your computer or your Google Music account. You still get the built-in Chrome browser for surfing the whole Web, and can display photos and slideshows from Flickr and Picasa as well. Google says there will be new hardware options to support the software coming late this year, or early next year.

If you already have a Google TV device, you should be able to upgrade to the new software starting this Sunday, October 30.

[via CNET]