Today would’ve been “Slap an Asian Day” in Chaska, Minnesota. Thanks to the efforts of parents, police and school administration, a headline-worthy crisis was avoided. Well, almost.

It all began when the parent of a Chaska Middle School West student was perusing her child’s Facebook page. As she was doing her job as a responsible parent, she noticed a complaint from another student who said she was slapped at school that day. Someone replied, explaining that it was only done because it was “Slap an Asian Day” at school. Needless to say, some people missed the memo.

Using Facebook as a research tool, the parent learned that “Slap an Asian Day” was the brainchild of another student. Determined to stop the event, the parent reached out to the Chaska Police Department, who also used Facebook to find the creator of the event. It was a 6th grade boy, who was brought in for a stern talking to.

The kid was ordered to take his post down and replace it with an apology as an officer looked on. Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight said that the youngster “thought he was being funny with a close circle of friends,” and didn’t realize that “Facebook goes everywhere.” Knight was told the boy would face disciplinary action from the school, but Principal Sheryl Hough called it “a non-school related issue” and further dismissed it because the mastermind behind the event is Asian himself. Welcome to America, people.

This wasn’t even the first Slap an Asian Day. The event has also occurred in Georgia, Hawaii and Michigan. We’ve got to do better folks, on so many levels.

[via City Pages]