In a move that even Stevie Wonder could have seen coming, Deadline is reporting that Disney is planning on re-releasing even more of their classic films in 3D in order to take advantage of the monstrous ticket sales from The Lion King 3D. This is the schedule that Deadline is reporting so far: Beauty and the Beast (January 13, 2012), Finding Nemo (September 14, 2012), Monsters Inc. (January 18, 2013), and The Little Mermaid (September 13, 2013.) 

The House of Mouse obviously smells blood in the water, and after The Lion King 3D made over $80 million and counting, there is no telling just how many movies the company will re-release in the hopes of making a little extra green. Thankfully, Disney seems to be releasing only the classics so far (save for Monsters Inc.), but we shudder at the thought of seeing Home on the Range or Treasure Planet get the 3D treatment.

[via Deadline]