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How awkward is it when a truck driver discovers they’re carrying a dead body as extra cargo? Believe it or not, this actually happened yesterday afternoon on I-95 in Fairfax, Virginia.

According to Virginia State Police, the body was discovered around 3 p.m. on top of a tractor-trailer in the Lorton area of southern Fairfax County. One driver called the police after noticing the body atop the vehicle while driving on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Certainly not the type of thing you typically see during your daily commute. A recent poll showed that Virginia had the best drivers, and we assume that being attentive was part of the reasoning.

The body has yet to be identified, and authorities are still unclear about how it made its way to the top of that truck. Regardless, they plan on investigating the ordeal, as this type of incident is pretty far from normal. However, despite knowing that people have gotten arrested on the road in Virginia for less, the driver should be in the clear. 

 [via The Washington Post]