As Seen In: Pretty Woman (1990)
The Perp: Edward Lewis (Richard Gere)

In a modern play on hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold Vivian Ward’s (Julia Roberts) childhood dream of being rescued by a knight on his white steed, Pretty Woman’s grand finale features businessman Edward Lewis pulling up in a white limo and racing (or, inching) up his damsel’s fire escape to declare his love.

No offense to Richard Gere’s character, but is it really a good look to roll up to a woman’s place in a white limo when your intended destination isn’t a prom? Or anywhere at all? Seems like that would just come off douchey. Another thing to note: Proclamations such as these rarely happen sober. The last thing a girl needs is some drunk dude trying to make his way up her fire escape. One false move and that all that romance could turn tragic in seconds. In other words, be smart. Use the stairs.

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