After a string of major flops, Ashton Kutcher soon found himself in desperate need of exposure after he discovered his film career was colder than a corpse. Sure, he was in some rom-coms along the way, but he never became the leading man that everyone assumed he was destined to become. So he went back to his modeling roots and became the face of Nikon cameras.

These commercials didn’t include much speaking or acting, thus sparing viewers, but watching Kutcher prance around in an ad campaign that he got paid millions for should be enough to make any working stiff turn their back on American capitalism.

On the flipside, Sheen didn't push many products before he left Two And A Half Men in a coke-induced stupor; however, afterwards the actor rode his newfound wave of popularity by endorsing any product he could get his hands on.

His face can now be seen on a surreal line of electronic cigarettes called NicoSheen, and he was recently featured as the host of the Gathering Of The Juggalos, a music festival put on by Psychopath Records. It didn’t go over so well, though, as Sheen was apparently pelted with garbage during his performance.

The edge goes to: Ashton Kutcher