Airports: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (Austin, Texas) & Will Rogers World Airport (Oklahoma City)
Locations: West Concourse (Austin); Upper Level, Near Gate 18 (Will Rogers)

Because the Salt Lick's homebase is such a massive place, because it attracts the tourists like a meat-filled Disneyland, people sometimes peg it as being less than the real deal. Wrong again, haters. The sauce at the Salt Lick is criminal, sweet and tangy, the perfect compliment to the most tender ribs you've ever consumed, which Salt Lick also just happens to serve. They ship everything into the airport location from the HQ, meaning it's not quite the same as digging in next to the pit, but you're about to get on a plane that will take you far, far away from Texas bar-b-que. Get it while you can.