Ryan Keely says: "Holly Randall is an amazing photographer, and a wonderful woman. She's the daughter of Suze Randall, who was a pioneering erotic photographer. Holly has made so many women's careers, including my own. If I hadn't shot with Holly early on and if Holly hadn't chosen to continue to shoot with me, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Shooting with Holly is an honor, and she makes you look and feel beautiful within the process. The art that she creates is spectacular. The volume of work she does is really impressive. She shoots several times a week and when she shoots, she shoots three to four sets a day.

The difference between a glamour photographer and a fashion photograher is that a fashion photographer needs five to ten really great shots for an entire day's shoot. A glamour model needs to get 300 to 500 really great shots each day. Having that focus and that attention to detail and being able to get an amazing response from your models, it's a very special skill. Holly is exemplary in it."