Alright, alright. We get it. You’re sick of zombies. But, guess what? These are mutated humans. They’re not actually zombies. They don’t want to eat you alive, they much rather just beat the living shit out of you. And, man, are they vicious about it. These fiends will scale walls and swing from the ceiling to leap at you. There is the occasional foe attacking from behind cover, but piss them off enough and they’ll eventually get into your face to slash at you unrelentingly.

Playing Rage at PAX Prime this year, we kept jumping back at the intensity of each battle. The first thing NPC Dan Hagar tasks you with after rescuing you is to kill off a bandit threat nearby. While you’re tackling them in their cave-like dwellings, don’t be caught off-guard by the mutated goons that look like they’re traveling with gas clouds floating around them. Rage is full of enraged enemies that make for thrill-filled battles.

If you’re a Fallout fan, some of the themes in this game will be immediately familiar to you. Going between towns and meeting haggard-looking friends and foes that are in the middle of a ravaged world and decaying society is definitely one of them. But Rage elevates the quality on many fronts. The graphics are unarguably fantastic, with small details like rubble professionally spitting out from under your tires seriously sealing that deal.

You’ll soon upgrade from your ATV courtesy of Dan Hagar when your next mission takes you on a supply run to start work on a new vehicle. We didn’t get to experiment with too many vehicles in our short time with Rage, but we’re promised there are more, bigger, and badder ones to come.

The PAX Prime demo we played set up the world of Rage for our quick preview with it. In one hour, we killed tons of enemies and experimented with several weapons. Heck, you can even toss boomerangs at your enemies if that’s your style. We’ll definitely be keeping our focus on Rage next month (October 4 release date) to see what other mutations and weapons we’ll be playing with.