After Halfbrick Studios found success with Fruit Ninja on iOS, they put out a variety of other games hoping to ride on that momentum, but none seemed to take off as well. Jetpack Joyride changes that.

Jetpack Joyride takes the one-touch gameplay that has served so many other iOS games well. Holding a finger on the screen will make the jetpack rise, while letting it go will make it fall. Hitting the ground doesn't cause a loss, but rather players earn a game over by running into electrical fields scattered along the map.

The player's score is tallied in meters traveled, similar to games like Monster Dash. If you've played Tiny Wings, then the mini-objectives that are needed to level up - such as traveling a certain distance with the teleporter in one match - will be familiar to you. Completing these objectives will give the player coins used to unlock cosmetic changes to both the character and vehicles.

Power-ups can be picked up along the way that award the player with temporary control of a variety of vehicles, from teleporters to the Hog from Monster Dash. Jetpack Joyride retains the fun of one-touch gaming while adding depth, even if only cosmetic. We can see ourselves pouring hours of time in to Jetpack Joyride when it hits the App Store this month.