In an attempt to thwart the efforts of loose-lipped cast members and script thieves nationwide, Christopher Nolan has purposely left the last few pages out of the script for The Dark Knight Rises in an attempt to keep the highly anticipated ending under wraps. In an interview with Contact Music, Gary Oldman, who of course plays Commissioner Gordon, recounted his experience with Nolan's neurotic secrecy.

"Christopher doesn't want anyone to ruin it and I completely understand that," says Oldman. "The newer people on the film go to his office to read the script. They sent mine out, but it had to be hand-delivered directly to me and nobody else. And the final few pages were missing. I went along and talked to Christopher and in person about the ending. Then I locked it away in my head."

Obviously fans snapping set pictures of Tom Hardy complete in his Bane gimp mask were unavoidable on such a high-profile location shoot, but unlike Batman Begins, where the twist ending of Ra's al Ghul's identity was reported all over the Internet months before the film's premiere, the ending for The Dark Knight Rises won't hit the web any time soon.

We can still predict a couple of things without spoilers, though: The Dark Knight Rises will easily be one of 2012's biggest movies, and Christian Bale will still sound like Al Pacino whenever he puts the cape and cowl on.

[Via Contact Music]