8. The stakes are incredibly high.

The dilemmas on Fringe aren’t completely different from traditional genre show issues: characters can die at any moment, and the world is constantly on the verge of destruction. But what makes Fringe so compelling is the fact that all of the show’s predicaments are doubled. With its investment in two parallel universes, Fringe’s mythology threatens each character with not one but two deaths, and there are two societies in need of protection and salvation.

If a fan’s favorite character dies in one universe, like, say, Homeland Security senior agent Broyles (Lance Reddick) in the alternate land, said Fringe head then has to relive the anguish of “will he or won’t he live” all over again in the other world. And, with the two interlocked universes combating against one another, the downfall of one can have dramatic aftereffects on the other.

Too much for your brain to handle? Don’t worry, MTV usually airs Jersey Shore re-runs on Friday nights. And there’s definitely only one Snooki.