Show: 30 Rock
Banking On: $350,000 per episode
Worth the Investment? Yes
Complex Says: Seeing the former Saturday Night Live head writer and 30 Rock creator land a ten-spot on any list feels a bit obvious, but if any, we’re glad it’s this one. It’s hard not to be involuntarily charmed by the actress’ performance as the tragically geeky Liz Lemon, who similarly shoulders the burden of being the head bitch in charge while struggling to maintain some semblance of a social life.

Further adding to the chaos Lemon faces on a daily basis are those in the show's crew of entitled actors (including the excellent Tracy Morgan) and a controlling network executive (Alec Baldwin at his best), both of whom she must keep appeased or risk the show going under. That said, Fey herself is no stranger to the grind, and has more than earned her spot on this list. The real Liz Lemon being replaceable? Just shut it down.