Show: Two And A Half Men
Banking On: $600,000 per episode
Worth the Investment? Yes
Complex Says: While we aren’t as big into the CBS sitcom as, say, the rest of the America (it’s TV’s number one comedy), we can appreciate what Cryer brings to the table. As a herby divorcee who moves his family into his wealthy brother’s house (Charlie Sheen), Cryer brings some balance to the show, offsetting Charlie Harper’s wasted, hedonistic one-liners with much more straight forward and entertainingly awkward deliveries.

There’s something kind of throwback about Cryer that we like. He doesn’t really have the leading man swagger, but seems like he could just as well fit seamlessly into a comedy from any past decade. His performances also read more organic than Sheen’s, which tend to feel forced. However, one could say that the contrast makes both men pop. And anyone who helped Sheen become the filthy rich star that he is deserves a little something for their troubles. We co-sign.