This isn’t just the best Fantastic Four cover ever—it’s also one of the all-time greatest comic book covers. Issue #48 is the first part of the Galactus Trilogy, and it's considered to be the creative highpoint of the book's Lee/Kirby run. When you write a story featuring a nude alien surfer and a galactic god with a giant “G” on his chest running around fighting rock monsters and flaming teenagers, you should really have the Carbon Monoxide levels checked in your office. But, somehow, Lee and Kirby made these offbeat stories work effortlessly.

Kirby knew exactly what fans needed, though it wasn't always what they thought they wanted. He never spoiled the story, nor did he show too little. Kirby took the opportunity to make this cover as startling and frightening as possible while showing just enough to get people interested. No one knew who Galactus was at this time, but, after taking a glimpse at this cover, they knew that he was bad news.