Cheater: Jude Law
Date Of Affair: March 2005 - April 2005

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Daisy Wright was hired by Jude Law and then wife Sadie Frost in August of 2004 to be a weekend nanny for their three children. The parents were going through a divorce but remained civil with each other. Law had already begun seeing actress Sienna Miller when in March of the following year Daisy was asked to bring one of the kids to New Orleans where Law was shooting All The Kings Men. It seems by this point Jude's relationship with Sienna had gone Humpty Dumpty, you know, fell off, and they bickered frequently. Law must have been looking for some sexual healing 'cause he pushed up on Daisy and wham, bam they were goin' at it on the bed, the sofa, even the pool table. On one occasion, however, the little tyke Wright was caring for walked in afterwards. He ended up telling his moms who reportedly wasn't angry with the nanny (probably because she was not-so-secretly happy that the news would get to her rival Miller), but, hey, the nanny can't be screwing Dad, so Daisy was let go. Her relationship with Jude fizzled and all the king's men couldn't put it back together again. The End.