Cheater: Vladimir Putin
Date Of Affair: October 2000 - Present

We know what you're thinking. Oh, what wonders a world champion rhythmic gymnast can perform in the bedroom. Easy, comrade. Talking about the sultry Alina Kabaeva, who has won tons of medals with the absolutely amazing flexibility of her exquisitely sculpture body, can be dangerous. She is the alleged mistress of former Russian President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who happens to be one tough hombre (you got to be when you were also in the KGB and are a judo master). Since 2007, Kabaeva, who retired from competitive sport, has been a member of the Russian parliament. But the story that has set tongues wagging is that she allegedly secretly married Putin in 2008 and gave birth to his son in May, 2009, despite the fact that Putin has been married since 1983, the same year Kabaeva was born. The Olympic champ with the irresistible smile first met Putin in 2000 when she was only 17 after bringing home the bronze. When a Russian newspaper broke the story that the two had wed in '08 Putin was said to be quite angry and had the paper shut down. Thus, no major news outlet in the country has reported the birth of the athletic stunner's child. In fact, you haven't heard any of this stuff from us. Just enjoyed the picture and move along.