Today, Tiger Woods tees off in Atlanta for the 93rd annual PGA Championship. Many of us still see one of the greatest golfers to ever live out there on the greens, but it's a harsh fact that in 2011, Tiger is the face of the 21st century's greatest cheating scandal more than any other title.

Honestly, we're not that mad at Tiger and we never were. Dudes have been keeping chicks on the side since the dawn of time. Some of history's most respected gentleman, from Presidents to world famous entertainers, just couldn't resist a little forbidden love.

What separates these men is how hot their mistresses were. In true scumbag fashion, that's where we come in. We're not glamorizing infedility as much as we're showing empathy for why men stray. Check out our countdown of The 50 Hottest (Alleged) Mistresses Of All Time and maybe you'll understand, too.

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