Network: FX
Stars: Mark Duplass, Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll, Katie Aselton, Stephen Rannazzisi, Jon LaJoie
Premiere Date: October 6
Why we’re excited: Watching FX’s hilarious The League, it’s difficult not to wish that we were a hell of a lot funnier. It’s essentially the story of our lives: A group of crass, beer-loving friends get together, compete in Fantasy Football, and make fun of each other. Except that, in our case, the insults are subpar, the beer is skunky, and we’re not actors getting paid buckets of cash. Fuck our lives.

But hail The League, a witty and uncommonly relatable comedy that FX has shown enormous faith in—though it’s not a ratings juggernaut, the wonderfully cast series entertains a small yet loyal viewership, largely, if not solely, comprised of Internet-only pigskin coaches and managers. Who knows how long FX will keep The League alive, so take advantage of cable’s most underrated laugh-fest, beginning its third season in October, before it’s too late.

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