Director: Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.
Stars: Joel Edgerton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eric Christian Olsen, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kim Bubbs, Ulrich Thomsen
Release Date: October 14
Why we’re excited: It’s a minor miracle that we’re not slandering The Thing with a torrent of not-so-friendly expletives. Nearly all remakes invoke a certain sense of fury within genre fans, but the idea of redoing John Carpenter’s remarkable 1982 sci-fi-/horror flick The Thing seems, upon first mention, like pure blasphemy. Even more infuriating is the fact Carpenter’s gory and masterful classic is itself a reboot, updating 1951’s much simpler The Thing From Another World. The point being that ’82’s The Thing is hands-down the greatest genre remake of all time, so why for fuck’s sake would anyone ever want to mess with it?

Inevitably, someone has, but the surprising thing is that 2011’s version of The Thing doesn’t look half bad. And, to be fair, it’s technically a prequel, though the plot’s structure and its morphing-extraterrestrial-from-hell conceit appear to be unchanged. Much like Kurt Russell’s ultimate badass in Carpenter’s film, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) and Joel Edgerton (Warrior) lead a team of American and Norwegian scientists evading bloody death at the hands (or tentacles?) of a human-mimicking alien within an Antarctica research station.

There really doesn’t seem to be all that much different between the two movies, a commonality that’s emphasized near the above trailer’s end, when Carpenter’s original, pounding score kicks in; hearing his score in the marketing campaign might just be why we’re optimistic about this new Thing. Think of it as subliminal persuasion.