As shocking as it may seem, the new period piece Jane Eyre (in theaters today) definitely has our seal of approval. We know what you’re thinking: Fuck out of here with all that Victorian wardrobe, historical romance, and chick flick nonsense. Our response is simply, “A little bit of culture wouldn’t hurt, you Neanderthal.”

Without any shame on our part, Jane Eyre is highly recommended, chiefly because it’s the best and most unsettling adaptation of English author Charlotte Bronte’s 1847 novel to date. Directed by Cary Fukunaga (whose 2009 debut Sin Nombre is another must-see film), this new take on the literary classic ramps up the spookiness while still maintaining all of the grace and narrative sleekness that scholars have adored for over 150 years.

It’s also strongly acted, with the impressive Mia Wasikowska (Alice In Wonderland) in the title role and Hollywood’s current It-man Michael Fassbender (Magneto in this summer’s highly anticipated X-Men: First Class) as the secretive Edward Rochester. Trust us, Jane Eyre defecates on Battle: Los Angeles, which we’re guessing most of you plan on seeing this weekend. If so, bad move.

If you do happen to give Jane Eyre a shot, though, it may just put you on to period movies as a whole. Yet, there have been a shitload of them, so it’d help to have some type of guide book before consulting Netflix. That’s where Complex comes in; having seen many such films, we’re here to steer adventurous viewers in the right directions with the 10 Signs That A Costume Drama Doesn't Suck.