5. The Swimming Pool Drain

Movie: The Final Destination (2009)
As a whole, 2009’s The Final Destination is a piece of shit. Not a completely unentertaining piece of shit, mind you, but a turd that’s far too ludicrous for its own good. At one point, a bathtub lands on a hospital patient, which somehow looks more real than the guy who’s send rocketing into a fence with such force that his separates into terrible-looking CGI triangles.

Save for the aforementioned rock-to-the-eye bit, the film’s only worthwhile death happens to male bimbo Hunt (Nick Zano), and, fortunately, it’s a real doozy. At the town swimming pool, Hunt drops his “lucky” coin into the water; in true dumbass fashion, he dives in to find it, but instead gets sucked, ass first, directly onto the pool’s drain. The pressure escalates, Hunt clenches in agony, and the drain sucks up the poor dude’s insides like dust into a vacuum.

Good luck sitting down comfortably, or avoiding any derriere pain, after watching this one.