With The Dark Knight Rises filming in Pittsburgh for the next few weeks, action and drama are expected. However, unscripted moments of brilliance like this outshine any on-set activity, and that’s hard to do with a Christopher Nolan-directed Batman film.

According to Pittsburgh police, Detective Robert DiGiacomo was sitting in an umarked vehicle Saturday evening when the unbelievably clever Micah Calamosca opened the car door, took a seat and ordered DiGiacomo out of the car. Turning the tables, the officer (naturally) drew his gun and ordered him out of the car. Now in the spotlight, Calamosca explained that he was filming a scene for The Dark Knight Rises and that stealing the car was all part of the script.  Needless to say, it didn’t go over well.

While Calamosca doesn’t have a future in acting, he’ll probably have to use his uncanny powers of persuasion in court sometime soon.

[via Best Week Ever]