Karaoke has had a bit of a resurrection in the last six months thanks to the fact that hipsters and media types seem to delight in performing post-ironic covers of their favorite '90s ballads on weekend nights. (The success of The Voice and American Idol doesn't hurt either.) Now, it appears this fad may have run its course: NBC is developing a karaoke comedy with Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine producing.

The show, which also has Bad Teacher director Jake Kasdan attached as an executive producer alongside Levine, will focus on a group of friends who convene at a karaoke bar for laughs and music. (Presumably.) Deadline reveals that the untitled series was the focus of a big bidding war between three networks because of its comedy and music pair-up, but that NBC pulled ahead thanks to its relationship with Levine on The Voice.

Is this the end of karaoke? It might be; just don't tell your hipster best friends.

[via Deadline]

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