If you're a fan of well-known games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Alan Wake, and Max Payne, you're unknowingly a fan of Navid Khonsari. The cinematic director behind those classic titles is working on a new video game, called 1979, which deals with the historical events of Tehran, Iran.

Although Khonsari is no longer with Rockstar, his production company, Inkstories, will be handling the creation duties that feature a "baton-pass" narrative that bounces from one character to the next. Players experience key historical events like the overthrow of the Shah, the return of Ayatollah Khomeini, and the U.S. hostage crisis.

The 41-year-old game developer hopes to leverage his experience in creating cinematic flair to convey the sense of moral ambiguity surrounding that time period in Iran. The game's tagline sums it up very accurately: "There are no good guys." 1979 currently has no publisher, yet, but we'll keep you posted as more news develops.

[via CNN]