Activision and Mountain Dew are launching a new promotion, which seems like a crazy crossover, but will give gamers double experience points for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Fans of the first-person shooter, which hits stores on November 8, will be treated to specially marked bottles and cans of Mountain Dew. Infinity Ward, the team behind the game, helped to create the new tropical flavor entitled Mountain Dew Game Fuel, according to PepsiCo

Corny soda pop name, aside, partnering a video game launch with a Mountain Dew promotion is massive and is an interesting risk for a soft drink company to take. Sounds like gamers will benefit from the promotion, as it will feature codes that enables double XP. The excitement kicks off in October, which should give gamers enough time to stock up on codes before the game launches. But before you get out and rush to your local bodega to get your Dew fix, be sure to enter our contest to win an Xbox 360 and two Xbox LIVE subscriptions.

[via Media Decoder]