Socialite, sex symbol, and entrepreneur—Kimberly Noel Kardashian is nothing if not a hustler. She’s managed to build a brand off her surname by capitalizing on the one resource celebutantes before her failed to utilize: technology. From being the most active celebrity tweeter to running a successful online business, the soon-to-be Mrs. Humphries continues to expand her empire and fan base with every new tech move she makes. 

It's that fan base that has made the L.A. native one of the Internet's most popular trending topics. In fact, she's so deep in the social media/tech world, there's been rumors about this weekend's Kardashian/Humpries wedding taking place at either venture capitalist Frank Caufield's mansion or Google Chairman Eric Schmidt's home. So as the Twitterverse goes bonkers this weekend and search engines get bombarded with wedding updates, we celebrate the bride-to-be's last day of freedom and present Kim Kardashian’s 10 Greatest Tech Moments.