WHERE: Harvard Square, Boston
WHEN: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Being born and raised in the Baptist Church and having grandparents deeply vested in preaching, I've been burying folks since I was  a child. Traveling the world as an artist, I've also seen a million cemeteries as well. But never have I seen an 18th century tombstone like this one. Located in Harvard Square in Boston, this cemetery looks like some shit straight out of the Crypt Keeper's travel guide, complete with unaligned tombstones, names unreadable due to centuries of being subject to the elements, and this one random tombstone set right along the fence, alone. The cemetery holds Harvard Presidents, prominent Boston businessmen, early settlers, slaves, and everything in between according to the placard on its gate. I wonder who this is, what they did in life, and why they are the most misplaced tombstone in the plot. Spooky.