Dragon Age was well-received for its intricate storylines, history-rich world and for forcing the players to make key decisions that shaped the outcome of the game.  Its combat system, however, was clunky and difficult to manage without constantly pausing to issue commands.  Dragon Age II transformed the combat into an action-oriented system, perfect for consoles, but they reused environments and dungeons so often, the game lost its epic feel.  BioWare CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka spoke up about the plans for Dragon Age III stating, “What we need to do as developers is take that feedback from both sets of fans to heart and see about marrying that in future games in the Dragon Age franchise. I think that the team has actually got a great plan. I think the team is going to have some things that are going to surprise both sets of fans, both core fans and new fans with a marriage of these, the best from both games.”  A marriage of the best from both games, eh?  Leilana and Isabella threesomes for all!

[via PC Gamer]