Critically beloved AMC series Breaking Bad has been at the source of some controversy this week. With the show's contract running out, parent studio Sony was reportedly shopping it around, perhaps even to FX. Well, it looks like cooler heads will prevail and that Breaking Bad will stay on AMC until the series finale. Just when that series finale airs though, remains to be seen.

Creator Vince Gilligan has long said that he wanted season five to be the last one; 13 episodes and out. Sony, however, wants a bit more: 20 episodes, perhaps spread over two "seasons" (even if it will really just be one long season). If this strategy sounds familiar, it's because you recall that HBO did something similar with Entourage; the final "season" started last summer, and will conclude with the eight episodes airing this summer.

Expect all this to get ironed out in the coming weeks.

[via Deadline]