Does anyone, besides us, actually remember this movie? We didn't think so. All you need to know about Abraxas is that it's cheesy science fiction to the max; it blatantly rips off better movies and steals multiple plot points from Jack Kirby's Fourth World comics. If that wasn't bad enough, Abraxas also stars the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, as the title character.

If you want to know just how unsettling Ventura is in this role, simply watch the video above. It's not often that you see a shirtless, middle-aged libertarian talking to a young child in bed without it being intensely uncomfortable. But what's worse is the little boy playing his mute son; someone get that boy a doll and ask him to point to where "The Body" groped him. 

This film is evidence alone that wrestlers should stay at least 100 yards away from any movie set at all times. It's also evidence that Ventura should show up as an orange dot on the map on the Megan's Law website.