You know those advertisements for the new Steve Carell/Ryan Gosling dramedy Crazy, Stupid, Love? The ones that fill in the blank after "This is..."  with one one of the three words?  Well, this is love: Analeigh Tipton. No, we didn't misspell Emma Stone or Julianne Moore's names; we're referring to the hot, scene-stealing newcomer who plays Jessica, babysitter to Carell's kids, in the delightfully funny and genuinely heartfelt rom-com.

Chances are, you've seen her before, either on an America's Next Top Model rerun or a glossy advertisement in a magazine. The reason: Not only is the 22-year-old on the verge of her mainstream Hollywood breakthrough, but she's also an accomplished fashion model. With her first major film role, though, Tipton has what should be her young career's brightest moment.

That said, if you want to trace her transition into Hollywood, or you're more interested in seeing hot pictures, click through as we familiarize you with the Crazy, Stupid, Love standout.

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