Can David S. Goyer, the writer behind next year's The Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel, do for Godzilla what he has done for Batman and Superman? Director Gareth Edwards certainly hopes so! Legendary Pictures' new Godzilla movie, announced last year, is betting on Goyer's first class pen game to atone for the sins of Roland Emmerich, who directed the awful 1998 dud.

Deadline reports that Goyer will be working off of a first draft from The Expendables scribe David Callaham. That's all there is to say at the moment. With Goyer's involvement in a movie about a giant, fire-breathing, New York City-trashing lizard and this Dark Knight Rises teaser poster—this week's been a rather good one for the guy.

Legendary intends to approach the Godzilla mythos in "the most authentic manner possible," or so they claim. To calm down any apprehension, then check out Edwards' strong indie film from last year, Monsters. You'll be glad you did.

[Via Deadline]