Song: "Regulate" (1994)

Granted, they take place over a century apart, but there is some slightly parallel storytelling going on with the Western adventure Young Guns (1988) and the Rhythm & Gangsta melody "Regulate." In the former, a posse of tough-ass cowboys, led by Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez), go after the rancher responsible for the murder of their mentor, while in the latter tale of revenge, retaliation, and get back, soulful crooner Nate Dogg takes out the busters who try to jack his homie Warren G.

The 213 click and the horse riding enforcers called the "Regulators" are brothers of the same mind. "We regulate any stealing of his property and we damn good too," says Regulator Charley Bowdre (Casey Siemaszko). "But you can't be any geek off the street. You gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep." Through the magic of G-Funk, one can see that some things in the Wild Wild West haven't changed in over 100 years.