A day after Spike Lee's tirade about Hollywood and its actors, it seems as if the powers-that-be may be favoring the film auteur with a new project. Twitch is reporting that the movie icon is in negotiations to direct the remake of Park Chan-wook's classic Oldboy.

The 2003 South Korean original found a man being kidnapped and held in a shabby cell for 15 years without explanation. Stripped bare of his life and his sanity, he's suddenly released, given money, a cell phone, and clothes, and is set on a path of destruction to discover who destroyed his life so he can have his revenge.

Even though there was a fruitless effort from Steven Spielberg and Will Smith to make a remake, if we must still have a new, American Oldboy, it's only right that Spike should have a crack at it. If Lee, one of Brooklyn's finest, does wind up directing, you can be sure that writer Mark Protosevich's (I Am Legend) script will be in safe hands.

[via Twitch]