If you're a vegetarian, Meatopia 2011 would not have been for you. The annual, self-described "Woodstock of Edible Animals" went down last Saturday, July 23 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The event brought together 45 chefs from across America to cook virtually every sort of meat. No parts where ignored—patrons could eat pig's head if they saw fit (we saw fit).

The event, sponsored by Amstel Light and Whole Foods, offered patrons the opportunity to speak with both the chefs who prepared the food and the farmers who raised the meat. In some cases, these were the same folks. If you can solve (or ignore) the ethical quandry of eating meat, the next question is often one of the animals' treatment. By having the farmers on hand, it was possible to set aside any lingering misgivings.

But really, chomping into a pulled pork sandwich rich with barbecue sauce and wet cole slaw remains one of the finest ways to shut up an overactive mind.

Complex tried to eat as much as possible, but sadly we hit a wall before we could try every item. Keep clicking for photos of some of the more delicious things we ate.