Glee creator Ryan Murphy is fond of saying a great many things about his beloved teen musical series. You'll recall that in 2010 he said that the main cast would graduate, something he confirmed again last week. Point for consistency! Now, he can lose that point: despite saying that season three of Glee would not rely on guest stars, the series will return Idina Menzel to the fold as Rachel Berry's birth mother.

Menzel, who you might know from Rent or from being a dead-ringer for Glee's Lea Michele, will reportedly return for 10 episodes next season, despite the previous "no-guest star" edict. She left at the end of season two with Quinn's baby in tow, meaning her comeback could tie up multiple Glee loose ends. Of course, she could also put a capper on the story of Rachel Berry, since Michele won't return for season four.

[via Deadline]

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