Though partners-in-crime LulzSec dropped out, Anonymous continues to march forward with their #AntiSec movement, this time launching cyberattacks against Orlando. City officials drew the ire of the hackers because of its arrests of antipoverty group Orlando Food Not Bombs’ volunteer members.

The group provides vegan and vegetarian meals twice weekly to homeless people in Lake Eola Park in Orlando, but because of complaints, a 2006 city ordinance was passed requiring organizations to obtain permits to feed groups of 25 people or more and also limiting the number of permits to two per year per park. Yet, Food Not Bombs continues to congregate without permits and as a result, 25 members have been arrested last month alone.

“Anonymous believes that people have the right to organize, that people have the right to give to the less fortunate and that people have the right to commit acts of kindness and compassion,” explained the hackers of their attacks on the websites of Mayor Buddy Dyer’s re-election campaign and redevelopment organization Downtown Orlando. They even offered up a cease-fire if the arrests stopped, but two more members were jailed just yesterday. The action looks to continue.

[via New York Times]