With an overreliance on the same cliched superhero stories every summer, the comic book movie genre is beginning to feel very well worn. Movies like Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger are entertaining, sure, but there's an unavoidable feeling that Hollywood studios could do so much more with the comic medium.

How many times can audiences sit through a hero's formulaic origin story, or inevitable sequel, before people grow tired? But with every actor in Hollywood ready to throw on a pair of tights in order to receive a big payoff, it will probably be a while before superheroes stop showing up on the big screen.

The unfortunate part is that there's a whole world of non-superhero comics available that would translate better to film than their Spandex-wearing counterparts. The titles in question tend to be more cynical, humorous, and violent than mainstream books, but they would also allow filmmakers to think outside the box and not be shackled to the dogmatic views of well-known superhero characters. The problem is, though, that these properties are too risky for movie producers due to their explicit content and relative obscurity. 

However, with the success of films like V For Vendetta and 300, and AMC's The Walking Dead TV show, Hollywood may be slowly warming up to these offbeat properties. So to celebrate the latest indie comic to hit the big screen, Cowboys & Aliens (in theaters this Friday), we’re taking a look at 10 Non-Superhero Comics That Deserve Movie Adaptations.

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Written by: Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1