So…after 12 episodes of The Killing and numerous red herring suspects, it appears that we may finally know who drowned Rosie Larsen in a car trunk. Emphasis on the may. The AMC series has thrown viewers for too many loops already to trust that there won't be one or two more.

First, it looked like Jasper and Kris, the high school druggie douche bags who filmed themselves degrading girls, might have been responsible. Then it was the pervert janitor who liked to watch them do that through a peephole in his closet. After that, it was Bennet Ahmed (Brandon Jay McLaren), Rosie's friendly English teacher with the thing for young girls, or possibly his Muslim friend Muhammad. Or was it Belko Royce (Brandon Sexton III), the family friend and envious employee of Rosie's shady father Stan (Brent Sexton). At one point it even looked like junkie cop Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) was the killer.

Well, after all that, signs now point to sensitive mayoral candidate Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell), who, it turns out, was scaring the shit out of escorts on the side, displaying a fixation with drowning. Of course, we wouldn’t put it past the show’s creators to throw us off the scent one last time for the season finale, but assuming the politician is the one who drowned Rosie in a car trunk, here are five reasons why he would have risked it all.

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