It may be hard to imagine, but for a long time Marvel Comics was striking out left and right at the movie theater while DC raked in the box office bucks. The latter company owned the market with well-received films such as Batman, Batman Returns, and Batman Forever; Marvel, meanwhile, assaulted viewers with nightmares like 1989's The Punisher.

No early Marvel film is as negatively infamous as 1994's crack at The Fantastic Four, though. Directed by Oley Sassone, this Roger Corman-produced shit-storm was only made so the rights for the characters wouldn’t revert back to Marvel. Thus, there was very little effort put into production.

Featuring some of the worst special effects ever produced since movies were referred to as “talkies,” The Fantastic Four never even saw the light of day after studio execs laid their eyes on it; with its horrible acting and Halloween store costumes, we can see why this never got a proper theatrical release. But, of course, nerds are relentless, and somehow this baby found its way online. Watch at your own risk.