Three months after the release of the completely revamped Firefox 4, Mozilla has released the newest version of its award-winning open source web browser: Firefox 5.

Why so fast? Back in February, Mozilla released its 2011 roadmap which highlighted the quickened pace of its product development cycle. Previously, Mozilla would drop one major update or release per year. That plan is now out the window.

Firefox 5 is the first release under the new management plan. Released only three months after the previous version, the updates are minimal and take place mainly out of the user's view. According to the folks over at Ars Technica, the biggest improvement to the browser is the addition of CSS animations—an animation standard for websites that has yet to be finalized. 

Other improvements include the movement of the Do Not Track (DNT) header to the "Privacy" tab in the browser's preference settings from the "Advanced" tab. DNT allows users to opt out of third-party web tracking by advertisers. When the feature was introduced in Firefox 4, little to no advertisers adopted the standard. However, now that it's growing in popularity, Mozilla seemingly wanted to make it easier for users to find. 

Firefox 5 is available now and can be downloaded from the Mozilla website.

[via Ars Technica]