By now, you all know the most basic facts about Zoe Kravitz: She's Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet's 22-year-old daughter, a New York socialite, a budding actress, and she's starring as the winged Angel in X-Men: First Class (in theaters today).

Yet, other than those generalities, most folks actually know diddly-squat about her. For example, what did Lenny sing her to make her fall asleep back in the day? What's her favorite color? Which coffee shop in Brooklyn does she frequent the most and at what time? Those may sound like creepy questions, but ardent fans can probably answer them for some of their other favorite celebrity women. It's not restraining-order worthy—it's just being a hardcore fan. Right?

Once X-Men rakes in the box office millions this weekend, Zoe Kravitz will have those hardcore fans. But one can't enter into fandom without being equipped with a few more specifics about their respective object of obsession. So, in order to jumpstart the petite beauty's bandwagon, we're here to inform you about the (first) Five Things You Didn't Know About Zoe Kravitz.

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