The seizure-inducing light blasts have been turned off. The hollow booth walls have been broken down and shipped back to wherever they came from. The booth babes are putting their pasties waitress aprons back on. E3 is over once again—and with it, the emotional ups and downs we've undergone for the past three months. We’ve gone through the stages of anticipation, awe, and disappointment (the last two are pretty much interchangeable). So what do we have left? Well, ultimately, the memories of surprises—since surprise is what make a show such as E3 so memorable (and drunkenness is what makes it so forgettable).

Sure, there might not have been an earth-shattering reveal this year, but we were surprised by more than a few of the announcements and debuts. (And fortunately, none of them involved a disillusioned Sony demonstrating its inability to connect with gamers.) So, in keeping with what we do, we rounded them up here. Enjoy them now, because soon enough it'll be time to start speculating about E3 2012. And by "soon enough," we mean "next week."

By Ryan Woo