Besides their main occupation—sports, acting, singing, etc—all true celebrities posses the talent to sell. And not just themselves, either, but products, too. Tons of 'em. Whether it's to push cereal, sneakers, cars, clothes, or house insurance, companies tap celebrities to be the face that customers associate with its products. More often than not, the pairing between corporation and celebrity usually leaves highbrows higher than Curren$y after a hot box session with Wiz Khalifa. But then there's the rare occasion that two actually work and makes you either laugh or want to go purchase whatever is being peddled. 

The tech industry is no different. Since the '80s, tech companies have gotten celebs to hock their goods to the masses. At first it was to put a friendly, known face on something—computer—that most people thought were complicated, superfluous, and expensive. Now-a-days it's all about the cachet of cool. You're more likely to pay attention to an ad with Gisele in it than one that has some unknown model, right? Right. We looked through hours of commercials and put together a list of what we thought were good examples of celebrities and companies working together to sell you something. These are the 50 Best Celebrity Tech Endorsements.